The Institute:
Originally, the Online Islamic Institute for Women was formed by the ICNA Sister's Wing in March 2007, aiming to enable sisters involved in da'wah and teaching to advance their knowledge and understanding of Islam. Later in 2013, OIIW, after considerable growth and development alhamdulillah, came under the umbrella of ILF (Islamic Learning Foundation). We now offer a three year diploma course and short refresher courses. These classes are led by Islamic scholars that are well-versed in their fields of knowledge.
Earning the pleasure of Allah SWT by
Educating and training Muslim sisters to be effective leaders in establishing the deen. Helping Muslimahs develop an Islamic personality as defined in the Qur’an, exemplified by Prophet Muhammad SAW, and embodied by role models like ‘Aisha RA.
Producing model Islamic leaders who promote peace and harmony in society. Spreading knowledge of Islam using the most effective methodology and the latest technology.

OIIW seeks to provide classes on the most valuable Islamic topics.
‘Aqeedah Arabic: Tajweed and Grammar
Fiqh: Usool-ul-fiqh,Taharah,‘Ibadah,Current affairs,Family relations,Women’s fiqh Uloom ul Quran: Usool-ul-tafseer
Hadith Sciences: Mustalahul Hadith,Arbaeene Nawawi Islamic History: History of Islamic revival,Seerah
Skill Development and Enhancement Comparative Religion and Islamic Literature
Faculty Procedure
OIIW teaching faculty comprises of accomplished scholars who are distinguished in their respective fields, and whose rich endowment of knowledge is an invaluable resource for students of Islam. Admission: Prospective students may apply online, with admission based on the applicant’s previous Islamic academic record.
General admission requirements: Schedule:
1. High school diploma (or equivalent)
2. Certificate of Fehm-ul-Qur’an course completion
    (3+ years)
3. Some courses are limited to ICNA Sisters' Wing members
4. Tuition: $35.00 Per Course
Classes are held online on Mondays and Wednesdays on Webinar software
There are two semesters per year:
Spring Semester: February to May
Fall Semester: September to December
OIIW Educational Archive
Available Downloads
  Courses Offered
Details of Quran through Tafseer
Date: 2014-12-19
E-Islamic banking
Perform their duty of being witnesses unto mankind by their words and deeds. perform their duty of b
Date: 2014-12-30
  Faculty Staff
Sh. Abdur Rahman Khan
Muhammad Abdul Jabbar
Imam Raouf Zaman
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